Vodburner Skype recorder is one of the simplest Skype soft wares around. With its capability to record Skype conversations, and straightforward interface, Vodburner is user-friendly, accessible app that anyone can immediately understand. It’s also fun. Weather, you are a new user or you have some little knowledge about it, you will be able to use it to record calls. The program is compatible with windows 7, 8, Vista, XP and 2000. It records both video and audio Skype conversations.

This is a surprising app, with the option of choose who to show for example this side other side or side by side and automatic recording; but you can alternatively just select manual recording which requires you to click on the record button whenever you make a call in Skype. Just make sure you choose one. Secondly, you can capture video moments during your Skype recording time and store the media data for later purposes. It comes to editing videos, Vodburner has better options. You can add sub tittles, names etc. and different formats that you can store your Skype recordings with, for instance, WAV/MP3 formats which can be convenient enough to share with people. This app would be a great experience to all users.

Features of Vodbrner

  • Vodburner has a pause feature, this is absolutely helpful in those times where you could find yourself in a mix or you even just want to pause and think during your Skype call and then resume later when you’re sure of what you are going to talk about next.
  • The app allows users to record audio and video Skype conversations automatically.
  • This soft wares goal is to record all your Skype conversations with no functional limit whatsoever, so you are free to record those video Skype calls you have always wished to record and save them for future reference.
  • Its interface is simple to study like i mention before, while recording your skype calls, the app will be able to show users what exactly is going on for example, the time you begun to record your call as well as the name of the person that you are having a conversation with.
  • You will be able to trim as well as convert your Skype recorded files just in case there are some parts you do not find necessary to keep. So you either trim or just delete the file.
  • Furthermore, Vodburner allows users to edit Skype video messages, whenever you feel like what you recorded needs improvement or there are parts you would want to remove just to feel safe, it is very possible to do it with this tool.

Disadvantages of Vodburner

Vodburner is interesting, however, when you try to record a Skype video conversation, and the other party has no Vodburenr app installed on their windows, it will automatically water mark the video, Still, when you start a Skype call and it starts recording while the person you are talking too has not enabled the video mode, Vodburner will again do the same thing of water marking the video. So be keen, every time you want to record a video conversation with vodburner Skype recorder.

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