TalkHelper Call recorder for Skype is the most popular, businesslike and influential recording soft ware, offering both video and audio Skype conversations ­– on windows PC. The app has a simple interface, allowing its users to be comfortable while using it to record their Skype calls. This soft ware gives users a chance to record calls and store them in either MP3/ WAV file format, plus it will ensure to capture the entire video frame during a Skype recording since it records from within Skype, in case you were afraid of losing some data. There’s simply nothing like having all your kind of Skype calls recorded and being stored perfectly, or screen share your screen when you want to. If you need any proof that what i am telling you here is real, then you had better try it and see how TalkHelper will provide them to you.

It is incredibly reliable, captivating multi-million users all over the world to record their Skype conversations. It is also convenient when you are making Skype calls because it records automatically, you will not have to click on anything once you start a call, it will surely discover that you have begun a call in Skype and it will automatically start recording and after store the files on your computer.

In addition, even voice mails and Skype video messages are recorded automatically. While recording Skype calls, there is always an opportunity to pause the call in case anything happens in the middle of your recording time, Instead of just stopping the call abruptly, you just pause it to enable you resume when you are through. If you got done with the recording, still you click on stop button. Despite being reliable and everything, it’s got two versions, the free trial which offers only 7 days of Skype call recording plus the paid version which obviously offers you to record calls for a lifetime. TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype is an app for everyone.

Features of TalKHelper

  • TalkHelper supports all versions of Skype, once you have Skype on your windows PC, you are absolutely free to get the app and start recording calls.
  • The software is available on its official website; simply download it from there to your computer.
  • The tool records video and audio calls, it stores them in different files, Video calls in AVI format, then audio in MP3 or WAV format.
  • It is a fun tool because it records both sides of the Skype conversation in high-quality sound.
  • It has been completely checked and realised there is no spyware, no virus or adware that could affect you computer after you have it.


  • TalkHelper comes with a large file, its 6.36 Mb.


TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is an app that was refined to record Skype conversations excellently. It is skilled enough to record good high quality calls at a free cost. The reason why the greater number of people will go for this software as it’s handy with available Skype modifications.

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