Supertintin Skype recorder is a different kind of software that would help you record your Skype conversations. While some recorders offer only audio recording, this one will offer you both video and audio Skype calls. You can clearly see where this app is going to take you in regard to recording your Skype calls. This app is all about recording your Skype calls in high quality – which can be organized with every detail, and that is what everybody loves about it:  and recording Skype calls in different modes such as local only, remote only, picture in picture or side by side mode storing them on your HD / usb drive for quick access in the future. With such an efficient tool to work with, you would imagine the third party developers had an easy job making this windows app a must download “which is perfectly is, by the way”.  It does all the necessary things well; the buttons are clear, direct, and the screen sharing is flexible.

The program supports windows 7, windows 8, windows XP, windows Vista and windows 2000. In addition, it has two versions, the free trial version which offers only 5 minutes of recording, and the premium version, just like the name suggests, premium offers more features than the trial one and it would cost you $29.95 to own it. i hope i have made it sound reasonably simple, I think, and it’s possible to record video messages, and group video conversations of up to 10 ways. Feel like recording your interviews and personal conversations? Then why not install Supertintin Skype recorder and start now.

Wondering how to record calls with Supertintin?

Well, it is as simple as making a call in Skype:

  • Download and install Supertintin on your computer.
  • Once the installation is done, launch your Skype and begin a Skype call then.
  • You should be able to see a Record button on the main window of Supertintin, Click on that red Record button in order for the Skype call to be recorder.
  • When it’s done, click on the Stop button and your recorded file will be stored on your computer.

Features of Supertintin

  • While using Supertintin Skype, you will record your calls at ease; it contains no adverts that would disturb you during your Skype recording.
  • This app is very light, even after downloading it on your computer; it will be like you did not download anything because it is only 3.6mb in size meaning it takes little space.
  • It is free from virus, ad-ware and spy-ware, users always download it confidently know that their machines are safe.
  • The app will allow its users to edit their Skype recorded files from Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas and even get to share for free on YouTube for other people to watch.
  • It stores video Skype conversations in MP4, and audio Skype conversations in MP3 format of which you can still play other players such as VLC etc.
  • It also records both video and audio Skype calls in high quality.


  • The free trial version only records for five minutes.


Supertintin Skype recorder is an excellent app, you will feel comfortable using it to record your Skype conversations, i personally recommend this tool.

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