Pamela Skype recorder is the most innovative recording software you can have on your windows. The program has taken the entire world by storm. It allows users to record video and audio Skype conversations as well as Skype chat recording. Available in four editions: Basic, Call Recorder, Business and Professional. The app allows you to stream Skype videos, including other various contacts with no limitation. Pamela users can record Skype calls in whatever option they may like mono or stereo option allowing you to preview them in the future. Of course if you are looking for something more business-like and simple, then you have got Pamela for Skype, which offers excellent high quality Skype recordings, and to watch your recordings, you can go to your desktop and open the folder to enjoy the memorie.

Unlike other recording apps, Pamela Skype recorder ensures Email-forwarding for free, no subscriptions required or needed. With windows PC, anyone can download the Pamela application for free and start recording Skype conversations, but you can upgrade to the paid versions if you feel like the trial versions are limiting you in any way, Sure, it’s obvious that the paid versions of Pamela Skype app belongs to your device to help you with endless Skype call recording with no functional limitations attached.

Advantages of Pamela Skype

  • Pamela is as good as it sounds the tool records video and audio Skype conversations at your own pace.
  • When it comes to recording Skype conversations in high-quality, Pamela Skype recorder leads the way. Its recording quality is fantastic, and it is very fast.
  • It is amazing, when it starts playing sounds as soon as you commence a Skype call, this helps users to get notified that their Skype conversations are in the recording process already, so to pay attention during the Skype recording period in order to get the best of it.
  • Pamela allows users to store their Skype recordings in different formats for example mp4, ogg, wav,mp3 formats etc which make it easier to play back in the future.
  • Trust me, when using Pamela, i promise you that you will never miss any chance to wish your friends a happy birthday earlier, because that’s its responsibility to keep you up-dated by reminding you about your friends birthdays whenever the scheduled date is right. Come to think of it, i believe everybody feels cared for and loved when someone wishes them a happy birthday, So, have Pamela Skype recorder, so that you can put a smile on someone’s face tomorrow by wishing them a happy birthday.

Disadvantages of Pamela

  • Pamela’s trial version is limited, you will have to record for 15 minutes utmost.
  • To upgrade to Pamela’s paid version is not cheap, it will definitely cost you a lot.


Pamela Skype recorder is particularly useful for recording Skype conversations, it is advanced and manageable. Users will find much use of it as it’s a must have for windows.

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