iFree Skype Recorder is worth the download simply to experience the great features is comes with. If you’re windows user, just have this tool right away. It offers a complete free service; all users are allowed to record video and audio Skype conversations. It’s interesting, easy to use app; you will give yourself a quick pinch every time you remember it’s completely free.  It has an automatic chat reply that sends messages to your Skype contacts immediately they try to reach you in your absence, and you can easily trace all the history, who called you at what time, durations, names etc. while its recording calls, you have the chance to select what format you want, it has Remote or Local, so it all depends on your choice. With it’s built in MP3 player, you can share files with friends anytime. i know the majority of individuals out there have been craving for a free recording application that has all the capabilities. It has the ability to record all the calls automatically whenever you commence a call in Skype.  What’s more, iFree Skype is easy to install, which means you don’t have to worry how long it’s going to take to install it on your windows.

Learn how to use iFree Skype Recorder

iFree comes with a simple interface and yet very clear to understand, let’s see how to get it started on windows PC;

  1. Go to the official website of iFree Skype, then download the app from there & install it.
  2. When installation is taking place, endeavour to click on the custom installation, and then unmark the ad-ware options.
  3. After it has installed, you open the software & your Skype will launch.
  4. The notification you will receive during that period, will be asking you to click on the Allow access for it to start working.
  5. You will place a call in Skype, all you will have to do is to talk and the app will just begin recording the conversation automatically, and to end the Skype recording, click the Stop button for it to stop.
  6. Once the recording has been put on a stop, the recorded files will automatically be stored on your windows PC in a specified directory, to watch the file again, click on the show in folder so that it can open.

Features of iFree

  • iFree skype recorder allows its users to record video, audio Skype calls and interviews, makes sure to store audios in mp3 format.
  • The app has automatic and manual recording capabilities, you can adjust to what you think works great for you depending on your needs.
  • It is a free tool; you will record all the Skype conversations without spending any cash on it, unlike, other applications.
  • Both video and audio Skype calls are recorded in high-quality which makes your memories worth to re-watch again in the future.
  • This program is lightweight; it will not consume too much space on your computer.


All the people who have been desperately looking for a free Skype recorder that can help you record conversations, ifree is the one, install ifree Skype recorder to get started with the recording.

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