Evaer Skype video recorder is one of the most popular apps of windows. This application will have you doing the exact things you would love to do while using it including capturing your video Skype conversations, record calls in different modes such as separate files, remote webcam, picture in picture or side by side and store your voice mails and chat messages to your PC. The app does not take long to download, everything works about as well as you would expect. It’s a simple soft ware, so do keep that in mind. The good news is that it records both video and audio Skype conversations in high-quality; this app seems to have a little bit of everything. You will store your recorded files separately; audio Skype calls in MP3 format, video Skype calls in AVI/MP4 format and of course, you will share documents, images during your Skype call recording. It’s a simple app with flexible settings. You cannot ask for much more in a recorder like Evaer call Skype recorder.

What a good Recorder Takes

Reliability: A good recorder should be in position to record all Skype conversations with too much simplicity for all users.

End-User Satisfaction: Simply put, a good Skype recorder soft ware should make the user happy. We rate the user satisfaction based on the percentage of surveyed users who say that if they had to do it all over again, they would surely install the same app.

How to use Evaer

  • When you install this application on your windows PC, you will see a pop up message asking you to restart your Skype.
  • Once you do what it has told you, the app will be ready and you will be now able to make a Skype call in Skype automatically.
  • You will see two buttons during your Skype recording session, the Pause and stop button which permits you to pause the recording whenever or put it to halt when you are done.
  • While recording your Skype video call, you will have options to help you either record separate files or picture in picture. You choose any of your choice.
  • Recorded files will be saved on your computer after recording.


  • Evaer Skype allows users to record both sides of the screen sharing during a Skype call recording period.
  • It also has an automatic chat reply which sends a convenient response to the people who would try to reach out to you in your absence.
  • The software enables you to check out your recording while its taking place, this helps users to trim out what they do not find necessary to keep in the future.
  • With this app, you can record into avid film
  • All audio Skype conversations are automatically recorded in mp3 file format because that is the default setting.
  • It is also possible to constantly change the video during the Skype recording
  • The soft ware does a great job of recording Skype conversations automatically.
  • It allows you to record video Skype conversations side by side or picture in picture mode etc.


When it comes to selecting the best Skype recorder application, i counsel you not to be so much concerned with the amount you purchase the premium version, what should worry you is whether you will actually be pleased with the services when using it. Another factor you should consider is how efficient the app can be. I believe Evaer Call Recorder for Skype comes handy, also easy to install.

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