Callnot video call recorder for Skype is a slick and feature rich software that allows you to easily record Skype conversations, whether you are looking for a tool that can record interviews, conferences or personal conversations, users can easily find all their desired needs in this one, record online calls and discover how to take instant screen shots during your Skype recording, record your Skype chats as well as shared screen and share them on YouTube, Face book or Email. This program has a simple interface, straight forward and supports windows PC which mean means all windows users can download it on their devices. The app allows users to store their recorded files to OneNote/Dropbox or Google Drive etc. it will record video and audio Skype calls automatically, with users able to edit their recordings, attach them to Gmail and more. In addition to the simple interface, you can download this tool, and you will not get any complications.

Keep track of your favourite Skype recorded files with Callnot, as it allows you to store them for future reference. Enjoy editing your recordings to your standard as well as sharing them. Users can also access web-EX online meetings to catch up on at their convenience, which they can as well store on their computer.

Features of Callnote

  • Callnote video Skype recorder has a convenient pause button; the button can be clicked on at any time of your emergency. Simply click the button, and the recording will be paused immediately, once you feel you need to go ahead with the recording, click the resume button and you will b able to continue with the recording minus losing any previous information.
  • The screenshot feature is my favourite, i mean, who does not want to take screenshot of the wonderful moments during a Skype recording, while other people take them for fun, i take screenshots to always remind me of the memories i had, whenever i am in my freedom time. Memories make us smile and even think of our friends more.
  • The app allows you to record video and audio Skype conversations, i think the majority of people prefer a recorder that can do both, since audio recording is a bit boring to get back to in the future, but if it’s a video, trust me you be tempted to playback the Skype call recording every time you get a chance to.
  • What i found really catchy in the recording software, is the ability to share your Skype recordings on YouTube for your friends to, it can be wonderful for the people who are not near you to watch them and remember you in so many ways, how cool is that?

Use Callnote to record Skype Calls

  1. Simply download/install Callnote software
  2. You will see a simple interface after the installation
  3. Start a Skype call in Skype
  4. Click on the Record button, and then it will automatically start recording your call.
  5. The app will always know when you make a call.
  6. And to halt the call, click the Stop button.


Recording your Skype conversations can never get any easier while using Callnote Skype recorder. I bet you’re smiling now after seeing how easy and user-friendly this soft ware is.

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