AthTek Skype Call Recorder is a powerful application used to record conversations on windows. The soft ware is amazing and will record away your Skype conversations in good high-quality. The video Skype calls will be recorded in super high quality which makes the videos worth re-watching like a thousand times in the future, the recording can be clear and audible enough when you play back. While recording Skype conversations with this soft ware, you will be able to even face book or listen to music since it can be hidden. It comes with automatic and manual capabilities, its default settings are default, so when you make a Skype call, it will of course record automatically, unless you do not want to record automatically that’s when you can use the manual recording.

AthTek has two versions, free trial version and premium version. The free trial version is not satisfying as it only offers you 10 minutes of call recording, and the paid version offers lifetime call recording as well as other interesting features. Ideally, the free version is like a test call offered to you, it is important to first try it out just to be certain everything is perfect before you spend cash on the full version of AthTek recorder.

Record Skype calls using AthTek

  • First thing, download / install AthTek soft ware on your windows device
  • After installation, run the application and sign in to your Skype for the app to be permitted.
  • Click on the Allow access button in Skype and run it.
  • Now that means, you are able to make a Skype call, when you place a call in Skype, AthTek soft ware will automatically record the video Skype conversation or you can begin it manually by clicking on the Record button, the app will smoothly record the entire screen as the default settings.
  • Once you feel like you are comfortable with whatever you have recorded and feel like ending the call, press the Stop button and it will end, also it will store itself on your computer.
  • To open the file, click on it and it will open, every time you will be in need to play back your recordings, you just repeat the same thing and keep on enjoying the moments you had in the future.

Advantages of AthTek

  • Recording Skype conversations begin automatically with AthTek, it is hassle free, it only requires you to make a call and that’s it.
  • It is simple to install and users have never gotten a hard time using it.
  • AthTek records Skype audio conversations in FLAC, WMA, OGG, WAV or MP3 format
  • It also comes with a simple interface for all users.

Disadvantages of AthTek

  • Athtek call recorder does not come with the options of recording Skype conversations in different modes such as picture-in-picture and side-by-side.
  • Upgrading to AthTek premium version is expensive.


AthTek call recorder is lightweight, user-friendly for both experienced and inexperienced users. All classes of people can get great service from AthTek soft ware. Thanks to its smooth interface.

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