The Top Skype Call Recorder for Windows Reviews

Skype does not come with a recording feature to record Skype calls. Yet it’s the most famous tool used by millions of people in the whole world to communicate and stay updated with each other. Of course, just like any other person, there are quite a number of reasons why you would need to have your Skype conversations recorded at some point in your life. It could be a lesson, an interview, group call or personal conversation with friends and families, and you wish to watch them later in the future when you think about them or when you just want to remember something. Like i said earlier, Skype has no built-in option that would enable you to record your Skype conversations. Therefore, the third-party developers come at your rescue bringing you recording soft wares. So, today i will list 10 Skype recording applications: which could allow you to record all your Skype conversations where need be.

iFree Skype Recorder

iFree Skype is people’s favourite recording app on windows. The program features advanced recording options, built in MP3 player, stereo/mono format. It includes recording calls either in Remote/Local as well as good efficiency. iFree is completely free and you …

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AthTek Skype Call Recorder is a powerful application used to record conversations on windows. The soft ware is amazing and will record away your Skype conversations in good high-quality. The video Skype calls will be recorded in super high quality which makes the videos worth re-watching like a thousand times in the future, the recording can be clear and audible enough when you play back. While recording Skype conversations with this soft ware, you will be able to even face book or listen to music since it can be hidden. It comes with automatic and manual capabilities, its default settings are default, so when you make a Skype call, it will of course record automatically, unless you do not want to record automatically that’s when you can use the manual recording.

AthTek has two versions, free trial version and premium version. The free trial version is not satisfying as it only offers you 10 minutes of call recording, and the paid version offers lifetime call recording as well as other interesting features. Ideally, the free version is like a test call offered to you, it is important to first try it out just to be certain everything is perfect before …

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Amolto Call Recorder for Skype is another modern soft ware that does things a little bit differently. With this program, you will be able to record your audio and video Skype conversations that you make or the ones that are trying to get at you. You will be provided with an MP3 file format to store the audio recorded files for quick access.

The soft ware provides a level display on the inputs for example earphones and makes the entire experience just delightful during your Skype conversation recording. It is compatible with windows PC and simple to download. Amolto Skype is also user-friendly which makes it an easy decision for the end-users. It’s an excellent recorder which is ideal for anybody.

To record Skype conversations is simple, you will have to start a call in Skype, and the app will begin recording your Skype call automatically of which you should be able to enjoy it anyway, for the users who would not find recording calls automatically suitable, they can disable the automatic recording to enable the manual settings. Usually, recording Skype conversations automatically is convenient for the professionals who expect to record away every Skype call that comes in such …

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Evaer Skype video recorder is one of the most popular apps of windows. This application will have you doing the exact things you would love to do while using it including capturing your video Skype conversations, record calls in different modes such as separate files, remote webcam, picture in picture or side by side and store your voice mails and chat messages to your PC. The app does not take long to download, everything works about as well as you would expect. It’s a simple soft ware, so do keep that in mind. The good news is that it records both video and audio Skype conversations in high-quality; this app seems to have a little bit of everything. You will store your recorded files separately; audio Skype calls in MP3 format, video Skype calls in AVI/MP4 format and of course, you will share documents, images during your Skype call recording. It’s a simple app with flexible settings. You cannot ask for much more in a recorder like Evaer call Skype recorder.

What a good Recorder Takes

Reliability: A good recorder should be in position to record all Skype conversations with too much simplicity for all users.

End-User Satisfaction: Simply put, …

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Mp3 Skype recorder is another name you may see mentioned among the free soft wares. This program is compatible with windows and can offer Skype conversation. It has a very simple interface and it provides you with p2p Skype calls. It allows users to record Skype conversations and store them WAV,MP3, WMA, OGG file formats for later use. It will record conversations automatically once you begin a call, and it has also got manual recording, sometimes, you might not want to record Skype conversations automatically, and so to change them to manual settings you unmark the automatic recording box and get started, not forgetting that, you will have to click on the recording button whenever you start a call.

How to record with Mp3 Skype

  • Downlaod and install Mp3 Skype recorder on your computer
  • Once it is installed, you will receive a notification requesting you to click Allow access.
  • After it has been clicked on, the soft ware should now set to record your Skype calls.
  • When you make a Skype call, each conversation will be recorded automatically.
  • I recommend you to select 64 bit rate as it is the most suitable while recording your Skype conversations.
  • The pause button

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Vodburner Skype recorder is one of the simplest Skype soft wares around. With its capability to record Skype conversations, and straightforward interface, Vodburner is user-friendly, accessible app that anyone can immediately understand. It’s also fun. Weather, you are a new user or you have some little knowledge about it, you will be able to use it to record calls. The program is compatible with windows 7, 8, Vista, XP and 2000. It records both video and audio Skype conversations.

This is a surprising app, with the option of choose who to show for example this side other side or side by side and automatic recording; but you can alternatively just select manual recording which requires you to click on the record button whenever you make a call in Skype. Just make sure you choose one. Secondly, you can capture video moments during your Skype recording time and store the media data for later purposes. It comes to editing videos, Vodburner has better options. You can add sub tittles, names etc. and different formats that you can store your Skype recordings with, for instance, WAV/MP3 formats which can be convenient enough to share with people. This app would be a …

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TalkHelper Call recorder for Skype is the most popular, businesslike and influential recording soft ware, offering both video and audio Skype conversations ­– on windows PC. The app has a simple interface, allowing its users to be comfortable while using it to record their Skype calls. This soft ware gives users a chance to record calls and store them in either MP3/ WAV file format, plus it will ensure to capture the entire video frame during a Skype recording since it records from within Skype, in case you were afraid of losing some data. There’s simply nothing like having all your kind of Skype calls recorded and being stored perfectly, or screen share your screen when you want to. If you need any proof that what i am telling you here is real, then you had better try it and see how TalkHelper will provide them to you.

It is incredibly reliable, captivating multi-million users all over the world to record their Skype conversations. It is also convenient when you are making Skype calls because it records automatically, you will not have to click on anything once you start a call, it will surely discover that you have begun a …

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Supertintin Skype recorder is a different kind of software that would help you record your Skype conversations. While some recorders offer only audio recording, this one will offer you both video and audio Skype calls. You can clearly see where this app is going to take you in regard to recording your Skype calls. This app is all about recording your Skype calls in high quality – which can be organized with every detail, and that is what everybody loves about it:  and recording Skype calls in different modes such as local only, remote only, picture in picture or side by side mode storing them on your HD / usb drive for quick access in the future. With such an efficient tool to work with, you would imagine the third party developers had an easy job making this windows app a must download “which is perfectly is, by the way”.  It does all the necessary things well; the buttons are clear, direct, and the screen sharing is flexible.

The program supports windows 7, windows 8, windows XP, windows Vista and windows 2000. In addition, it has two versions, the free trial version which offers only 5 minutes of recording, …

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Pamela Skype recorder is the most innovative recording software you can have on your windows. The program has taken the entire world by storm. It allows users to record video and audio Skype conversations as well as Skype chat recording. Available in four editions: Basic, Call Recorder, Business and Professional. The app allows you to stream Skype videos, including other various contacts with no limitation. Pamela users can record Skype calls in whatever option they may like mono or stereo option allowing you to preview them in the future. Of course if you are looking for something more business-like and simple, then you have got Pamela for Skype, which offers excellent high quality Skype recordings, and to watch your recordings, you can go to your desktop and open the folder to enjoy the memorie.

Unlike other recording apps, Pamela Skype recorder ensures Email-forwarding for free, no subscriptions required or needed. With windows PC, anyone can download the Pamela application for free and start recording Skype conversations, but you can upgrade to the paid versions if you feel like the trial versions are limiting you in any way, Sure, it’s obvious that the paid versions of Pamela Skype app belongs to …

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iFree Skype Recorder is worth the download simply to experience the great features is comes with. If you’re windows user, just have this tool right away. It offers a complete free service; all users are allowed to record video and audio Skype conversations. It’s interesting, easy to use app; you will give yourself a quick pinch every time you remember it’s completely free.  It has an automatic chat reply that sends messages to your Skype contacts immediately they try to reach you in your absence, and you can easily trace all the history, who called you at what time, durations, names etc. while its recording calls, you have the chance to select what format you want, it has Remote or Local, so it all depends on your choice. With it’s built in MP3 player, you can share files with friends anytime. i know the majority of individuals out there have been craving for a free recording application that has all the capabilities. It has the ability to record all the calls automatically whenever you commence a call in Skype.  What’s more, iFree Skype is easy to install, which means you don’t have to worry how long it’s going to take …

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